You can contact me to inquire about the following subjects:

Speaking and Training

You can often find me speaking at companies’ events and small conferences. Often about IT automation, PowerShell, monitoring, and troubleshooting.Besides speaking, I can also conduct training sessions in different levels, from entry levels to advance topics.My Presentations style is combined slides with live demos, you learn the most by trying. I’m trying to avoid the monotonic sessions, hoping to create good interactions with the viewers and getting feedback often.

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I have experience working with some of the biggest enterprises in Israel. Hence, complex environments and unique situations are not unusual to me.With this in mind, I can help you in the following areas:

Active Directory Domain Services
I can help you set up new environments, analyze your environments, help with configuration, and troubleshoot complex issues in your Active Directory Domain Services.

In addition to that, I can fully automate most of your daily tasks with PowerShell.

Monitoring is an art, and it easy to fall short in this subject. A successful monitoring solution must build correctly. Let me show you how to turn your unreliable monitoring solution to a life-saving system.

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As a final point, if you have any feedback about my blog or posts, I want to hear! Please do it!